How To Change Chrome New Tab Articles Preference As Google Feed

Learn How To Change Google Chrome's New Articles Preference As Google Feed To Read Google Feed Articles Directly From Chrome Instead Of Google App

Android Browsers Like Opera, And Google Chrome Show News Stories On New Tab.Google Chrome Also Started This Feature T Its Latest Versions And You'll See Articles, News, Stories Based On Your Interest Under Articles For You Section.You Can Change Preference Of These Articles As Google Feed.

Recently, Google App Is Updated With New Smart Feed That Show You Trending News, Articles On The Topics You Follow Or Stories Based On Your Interest And According To Your Place Where You Live.So, Google App Is A Great Way To Get Updates Of Trending News, Topics You Follow, And Stories Based On Your Interest.

Chrome Also Have "Articles For You Section" That Loads Articles Based On Your All Over Activity On Google Products i.e. YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search And All.Chrome Loads Default Articles May Or May Not Relevant For You.Google App Stories As Compare To Google Chrome Articles Are More Relevant, Updated And Better.But Google App Links Open Either In Separate Browser Or Within The App As Mini Chrome Web View.

This May Irritate Some Users, But What About When All Of Google App Feed Stories Also Appear Under "Chrome Articles For You" Section?This Problem Can Be Solved By Changing Chrome's Articles For You Section Preference From Default To Backed By Google Feed Content.

Chrome Display Suggested Articles By Default Preference, You Can Change Suggested Articles Preference To Google Now/Feed Using These Steps: -

1.)Open Chrome, In The Address Bar Type-Chrome://Flags And Hit Enter.
2.)Search For "Show Server-Side Suggestions On The New Tab".

3.)From The Drop Down Menu-Change Its Preference From Default To "Backed By Google Now".

4.)Relaunch Chrome, Refresh Articles, You'll Notice "Articles Loading In Chrome's New Tab Are Similar To Those You Read In Google App's Feed".

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