How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Learn How to Permanent Delete Facebook Account.
Last Updated-8/20/17

If You're Fed Up With Your Facebook Account Or You're Shifting To A New Facebook Account, You Can Permanently Delete Facebook Account.

Many Of Guys Don't Know How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently.Facebook Allows Only Deactivate account feature to users which means the user can again activate his Facebook Account By Log In.But Today I'm Going To Share You How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

You Can Watch Video Below To Full Understand.Read Article Now:

1.)Go To Facebook Help Center Tap Here To Visit

2.)Navigate To Managing Account, Then Click On Last Option Name" Delete/Deactivate Account."

3.)After Click, A New Page Open With 5 Option, Click On 4th " How Do I Permanent Delete My Facebook Account".

4.)Click On Let us Know Link. CLICK HERE TO GO

5.)After This Click On Delete My Account.Enter Password And Verification Text.Click OK.It Took 14 Days To Delete Permanent.So, Don't Log In To Your Account For 14 Days.

That's It. Watch Video: 

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